2022 European Championships


After pausing activity imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic the 6th International Tang Soo Do Federation European Championships returned to Bielstein, Germany  between 22-24 July 2022.


The event was hosted by Master Annette Salles (Chief Instructor Germany) and sponsored by European President Master Wynford Williams and Chief Instructor Portugal, Master Cristina Costa.


The International Tang Soo Do Federation Technical Advisory Committee members Masters Chris DuFour and Robert Venturio travelled from the USA to conduct Dan and colour belt seminars.


In addition to the seminars, exciting sparring and hyung competitions took place as well as rigourous testing.


The support from Masters Kristen Venturio and Terri Jolly DuFour provided added inspiration for female students as it provided a new set of role models.


It was fantastic to bring our Tang Soo Do family back together after such a long time apart. The lessons we learn relating to resillience and perseverence have certainly been tested in recent years and as we, like the rest of the planet, rebuild we plan for the 2023 World Championships in Washington DC, USA and the 2024 Europen Championships.


We also look forwards to welcoming Dr Mash Hamid of Denmark as our newest member of the European International Tang Soo Do Do Federation family.