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Posted on 23rd September, 2014

Well, what a time since my last blog. So much happening in such a short time.


I was privileged to attend and participate in the World Championships in Portugal. What a fantastic event it turned out to be and I have to extend my sincerest congratulations to Choong Jae Nim, the organising committee and our hosts Master Cristina and Dr Jorge Costa on delivering a championships that will live long in the memory.


I was honoured to see my Sa Bom Nim, Master Wynford Williams inducted to the Hall of Fame, the first European to receive this award. I was fortunate to work with a fabulously talented UK team who performed absolutely to their best, and even beyond. I was also very humbled by the respect and warmth extended to me by my peers and participants. It was truly heartwarming to spend quality time with old friends and new.


It was also a special event for me as it was the first time I've been able to take my family and both my sons competed in all events gaining much treasured medals. We were then fortunate to spend another two weeks on the beautiful SouthCoast of Portugal recovering from an intense week of training.


On returning home it was wonderful to see the spirit and enthusiasm of those returning to take part in both 2015 European Championships in Germany and the 2016 World Championships at the new training centre at Arlington, Texas. As such the planning was immediate and is keeping me quite busy. I'm also looking forward to the 2015 Instructors conference, currently planned for Las Vegas and to returning to Portugal in 2015. I'll talk more about these as the planning progresses.


Since my return I've also had to say Au Revoir to some of my Tang Soo Do family as they depart to seek to enhance knowledge in pastures new and to welcome back an old and dear friend into my life who I've very much missed talking to, you know who you are Master Wayne Boozer.


I've also seen one of my senior students, Kyo Sah Stuart McDowell obtain his Instructors Certification and then depart as he embarks on the next chapter of his life at university. He has been a part of my life for so long it's like having to see my own children fly the next, it has been a time of high emotion but I am very proud of him and I wish him all the best 


This last weekend we competed at the Dragon Tang Soo Do Championships in Bristol. Again it was an opportunity to catch up with old friends and share ideas with some new ones, most stimulating..


Next month we are off to Manchester for Master Robert Woodiwiss' championships. It's a long journey but very much worth it. Our road to Germany and Texas starts here.


in all these travels it never ceases to impress me ho impress me how respectful, humble and friendly Tang Soo Do students are. This is a true family regardless of which roof you reside under.


Master Richard Hellings

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